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The UK’s Little Owl (Athene noctua) population is continuing to decline at a rapid rate. Results from the British Trust for Ornithology-run bird surveys indicate that Little Owls have declined by 64% since the late 1960s. The Little Owl’s breeding range has also contracted by 11% since Bird Atlas 1968-72. The current Little Owl population estimate is 5,700 breeding pairs.

Little Owl © Peter Walkden

Whilst the Little Owl is listed as a Species of European Conservation Concern, this species has no formal conservation status in the UK and is excluded from the Birds of Conservation Concern listings because they are classified as a ‘naturalised introduced species’.  If included, they would be red-listed because their population has declined by more than 50 % over the last 25 years.

I have teamed up with the Hawk and Owl Trust for this exciting UK Little Owl Count project. We want this website to enthuse and encourage more people to seek out Little Owls in their local habitats. We are really keen for more people to look for Little Owls at dawn and dusk, which is when they are most active.

You will find lots of information about Little Owls on this website, including tips on where and how to find them, their ecology and history in the UK. There is also an exciting Blog, which will feature monthly project updates.

Once you find a Little Owl, either by sight or sound, we would be really grateful if you could submit your sightings record here. We have included a map with a marker, so you can pinpoint the location of your Little Owl with accuracy.

The submitted sightings data will be used to develop much needed future Little Owl surveys.

This project is in fond memory of Mrs Wendy Harris, who was passionate about owls. Learn more….