About Us

Hawk and Owl Trust

The Hawk and Owl Trust is a registered charity that is dedicated to conserving owls and other raptors in the wild.

hot_logoSince 1969, the Trust has campaigned for wider protection of owls and other raptors and is actively involved in the creation and management of nesting, roosting and feeding habitats for raptors. The Trust has sponsored Emily Joachim’s Little Owl research since 2008.

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In fond memory of Wendy Harris – a lady besotted with owls!

The Hawk and Owl Trust is very grateful to Mr Tony Harris for the legacy he has given us in memory of his dear wife Wendy. Wendy was ‘besotted’ with owls Tony informed us and he is very keen for a legacy in Wendy’s memory to achieve something positive.

“Wendy Harris’s legacy has enabled us to continue funding vital UK Little Owl projects in collaboration with Dr Emily Joáchim, who is running this project. The Hawk and Owl Trust hopes that this website will encourage more people to seek out and monitor their local Little Owls.”