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Little Owl Joins the RAF!

Our RAF Little Owl by Stephen Moore

This Little Owl photograph was taken at RAF Waddington. Steve Moore who sent it in, patrols the airfield as part of the Bird Control Unit said:

‘We normally try to deter the birds from the runway and hard surfaces, so they are not a hazard to aircraft’.

The Little Owl has taken up residence in the undercarriage of the Vulcan Bomber XM607 which was used on the Black Buck raids against Port Stanley in the Falklands Conflict, and is now on display near the A15 road. He is one of a number of Little Owls that live on the airfield and don’t seem worried by the aircraft noise or constant activity associated with a busy airbase.

Thanks Steve for a great picture and a story to go with it!

Little Owl of the Month – May 2014

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