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Little Owl of the Month – May 2014

Send Me Your Little Owl Photos

We would love for you to email us your Little Owl photos. Each month, we’ll choose our favourite Little Owl photo and we’ll publish it via this Blog and our Twitter feed. We’re really interested in receiving photos that have captured the Little Owl’s charismatic and quirky personality, and those with an interesting story to accompany the photo. They don’t have to be close-ups; We welcome photos that show Little Owls living within their local habitats.

April’s Little Owl of the Month was taken by Rebecca Thomas on the University of Reading’s Whiteknights campus. This beautiful parkland campus is 123 hectares in size with green open spaces, a lake, wildflower meadows, woodlands and rare, old trees. Rebecca first spotted this Little Owl in January on an isolated old oak tree next to a building.

Photo | © Rebecca Thomas

Oak trees have lots of natural cavities within them and are used for breeding in by secondary cavity-nesting species, such as the Little Owl. Rebecca has spotted a second Little Owl in the same tree and is keeping a lookout for chicks this spring!

This sighting is an excellent example of how you can find Little Owls living in parkland habitat within a town or city. It is definitely worth you taking a walk in your local parkland to look out and listen for Little Owls. I recommend you taking a walk approximately half an hour before dusk as Little Owls are more vocal and active at this time of day.

Don’t forget to come back to this website and submit your sightings!

Please ensure that you do not stress Little Owls. Take your photographs from a respectful distance and do not use equipment that could spook the owls (e.g. a bright flash), particularly during the breeding season.